Entry Requirements

ja-icon Entry Requirements


Visa Requirements

Fiji welcomes visitors and to facilitate easy entry, everything has been done to make the process as pleasant as possible. A valid passport for at least six months beyond the intended period of stay and a ticket for return or onward travel is required. Entry visas are granted on arrival for a stay of 4 months or less for nationals of Commonwealth countries (including Singapore). Those wishing to stay more than six months should consult the Department of Immigration – www.immigration.gov.fj


Duty / VAT Free Concessions

A bona fide passenger finally disembarking in Fiji is entitled to the following DUTY and VAT free concessions:

  • Dutiable goods accompanying passengers (other than alcohol and tobacco products) not exceeding $F1,000.00 in value is not for commercial purporse
  • The following goods which are owned by passengers and are not intended as gifts or for sale:
    • Personal effects
    • Household effects for returning residents (must be used for 12 months prior to departure) or intending residents
    • Articles taken out of Fiji on departure on which duty and tax have been paid

The goods should not be fore sale and must be accompanied at the time of final disembarkation by the passenger. Alternatively, the passenger purchases the goods immediately after final disembarkation in Fiji

Each passenger of 17 years or more may also bring the following liquor / tobacco products with restrictions into Fiji, duty and VAT free, provided they are not accompanied and are not for sale