Pacific Harbour & Beqa

ja-icon Pacific Harbour & Beqa, Fiji

Pacific Harbour

Heart-pumping, adrenalin fuelled activities abound in and around Pacific Harbour giving the area its ‘Adventure Capital’ tag.  The lush landscape is ideal for canopy ziplining, off-road buggy adventures, and waterfall hikes while jet ski safaris and sea kayaking trips use the deep lagoon as their aquatic playground.

You won’t regret going on a white-water rafting trip in Fiji’s scenic waterfall-fed ‘Grand Canyon’.   The rafting company works closely with the community, government and private sector to protect and keep the area pristine.

Shark Reef Marine Reserve just off Beqa is one of Fiji’s most unforgettable dives and has been dubbed as the #1 shark dive in the world.  Beqa Adventure Divers and Aquatrek regularly dive with up to eight different species of sharks including bull and tiger sharks.  The Reserve supports shark research and reef health and a percentage of the dive fees go to the Reserve’s traditional village owners.

Tip The island of Beqa. which dominates the Pacific Harbour horizon, is the home of Fiji’s ‘fire-walkers’; a gift that only people from this island possess.   Enquire about traditional Fijian dancing (meke) and fire-walking shows at the Pacific Harbour Cultural Arts Centre.