Reasons to Visit Fiji

ja-icon Reasons to Visit Fiji in 2017


It’s common to see beaches in countries you visit, but none is actually like Fiji that makes this island very attractive.

There’s just so much adventure, culture and unique food to indulge yourself in, this is where travelers can find everything in one destination.

From ATV ride to spa treatments, these are one of many countless reasons to visit Fiji!

ja-icon Fijian Culture


One of the most distinguished highlights about Fiji is their unique cultures throughout your stay. You’ll never see any countries as friendly as Fijians who’s pleased to make you feel welcomed and share their local cultures with you.

What's more if you’re lucky, you will get to watch fire-walking, Fijian tradition of walking over hot fiery stones or charcoals as part of their ritual. There is a legend that over 500 years ago, the men of Beqa Island were provided the "gift" of walking on fire by an eel in exchange of its life

Today the descendants of these warriors carry on the tradition, observing the same strict rules of tabu as the ancestors. Beforehand the men chant and sing traditional Fijian mantra in preparation for their walk across the red hot stones. Following the fire walking you will have the opportunity to sit down with these warriors and join them for a traditional Fijian Kava Ceremony.

Don't miss out with experiencing Fiji at its best!

ja-icon Food Indulgence


Fiji is perfect for those who appreciate spicy food and fresh local produce such as Kokoda and Lovo. Kava, Fiji’s national drink has immense popularity and you’re bound to be offered some at your resort or local village.

You will get opportunity to experience various kinds of mouth-watering gourmet whether you dine in your resort or surrounding restaurants located along streets. A must try while holidaying in Fiji is a traditional Lovo; a feast of succulent meats, coconut infused greens and tasty root crops baked to perfection in an earth oven. Food is carefully wrapped in banana leaves and placed over hot stones before being covered with earth to cook for many hours. Once unwrapped and served, just add a drizzle of squeezed lemon juice and a side of chili and you will be considered a local!

Outside of resort areas, the streets of urban Fiji are dotted with restaurants that offer local Fijian food as well as Indian, Chinese, Thai and other continental fare. Vibrant markets are a bustling hive of activity. Sample some of the sweetest pineapples you will ever taste, bananas positively bursting with flavour and seasonal mangos that will make your taste buds tingle with delight. Of course no trip to Fiji would be complete without sampling the national drink – kava. Dried and pounded roots of the kava plant are and mixed with clean, fresh rainwater, and shared as a symbol of acceptance and friendship. Presented in a coconut shell cup (known as a ‘bilo’), kava drinking is an integral part of the culture and fun for everyone. Interactive cooking classes will help you take these delicious flavours of Fiji home with you. Eat, drink and be HAPPY!

ja-icon Adventure


Fiji is packed with adventure activities to thrill and inspire you. Whether you want a dose of adrenalin or something more relaxing, you’ll find plenty of options. Not surprisingly, in a country surrounded by pristine, warm waters, there are lots of water-based activities to choose from. If you’re after something action-packed, try a thrilling jet boat ride up the Nadi river inlet or along the Denarau beachfront. Or join a Jet Ski safari and be led on a fun, adventurous trip offshore by experienced guides around the Mamanuca’s.

You could join a white water rafting trip through lush rainforests in the Pacific Harbour, or venture into the Sawailau Caves on a boat and experience the ancient lime stone. Fiji has great spots for scuba diving, reef snorkelling, and windsurfing, or you can fish, swim with the sharks, or go kayaking. There’s almost no limit to what you can do if you love being out on the water.

But if you’re keen to stay on dry land, Fiji offers breathtaking hikes through its lush, tropical forests. Fiji has a range of national parks, offering everything from rainforest-covered trails to sand dunes and waterfalls. Fiji is world-renowned for being a land of action and adventure. In 2002 the international Eco-Challenge was held here, attracting athletes who raced through 500 kilometres of Fiji’s roughest but most impressive terrain. And in 2006 a series of Survivor was filmed on Fiji’s second-largest island, Vanua Levu!

Most of all, Fiji has this popular Sigatoka’s River Safari & Off Road Cave Safari, which is a jet boat safari and yet it is also a great cultural adventure to experience! You are given opportunity to visit Fijian villages to learn their local cultures and food, and hear out legends of Sigatoka.


ja-icon Mamanuca Islands


The Mamanucas are a chain of 20 islands near Nadi and Denarau. One of the most established resort areas in Fiji, the Mamanucas provide a stunning array of activities for all types of travelers. Castaway, Tokoriki, Treasure and other Mamanuca islands are a must visit. Tom Hanks’ movie Cast Away was filmed in Castaway islands.

Myth says that Fiji's story begins about 1500 BC with a voyage of giant war canoes from Taganika north of Egypt. Leading the armada on the giant double hull canoe "Kaunitoni" was warrior Chief Lutunasobasoba with a special cargo - a magical box called the Katonimana (the Box of Blessings). Around Matamanoa, Mana and Likuliku, they met bad weather and the “Box of Blessings” slipped into the water. Lutunasobasoba gave orders to let it go, believing it was the will of the gods. Lutunasobasoba then named the 3 Islands Mata-manoa (meaning "eye of the strong wind"), Mana ("Magic') to mark the area where the Box of Blessings fell, and 'Likuliku' because it was here the armada experienced calm waters again. Lutunasobasoba gave specific instructions that no one was to ever try and retrieve the "Katonimana" and predicted that this group of islands would be a great source of prosperity for the Fijian people in the future. To this day, some believe that this box is still buried

Travelers would know that these islands are favorites among island hoppers for good reasons! Now there is no secret to know why snorkelling, surfing and scuba diving has been very popular in Fiji with over these 333 islands, travelers are exposed to a diverse marine life you didn’t know and also possibly explore shipwrecks


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Now we know how unique Fiji is, a vacation spot that takes you far away from the hustle and bustle of life. This holiday is perfect for travelers who prefer a less crowded vacation. Imagine the possibilities when you don’t have to queue! What is more there’s no other better time to visit Fiji than now..!